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{ A Joey Wheeler Love Story }

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Summary: Jaycelynn has lived in Canada her whole seemingly perfect life. She was pretty, popular, very intelligent with good grades and had the title of "Canadian Queen of Games" under her belt. It had all ended when her parents had been killed in a car accident. Now, she has moved to Domino City with her grandpa, Arthur Hawkins, and her cousin, Rebecca Hawkins. It's there her life receives meaning... and it's name is Joey Wheeler.

Rating/Warnings: A Very Strong Teen/14A. Sexual Harassment, Character Bashing (Sorry, Anzu/Tea), Misogyny, Attempted Sexual Assault, An Eight On The Cringe Scale. 2006 was WILD.

DISCLAIMER: I don't own Yu-Gi-Oh or any of its characters, they were created by Kazuki Takahashi (Rest in Peace). I did not make any money writing this fic. Konami, NAS or Shueisha please don't sue. also if i did own dem joey would be MINE XD!!!!

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