Harvest Moon / Story of Seasons

  • With the Stars and Us
  • Mineral Town/Tree of Tranquility. Jin x Mary. Romance/Angst

    There were plenty of things that slipped through Mary's fingers during her life. Most of it was thanks to her inability to be 'selfish' and take any chances. One of the biggest regrets was letting Gray, someone she considered to be more of a friend, drift away and marry Claire, the new farmer. After their wedding, Mary decides it's time to finally take a chance and try to find happiness outside of Mineral Town. She finds herself on Waffle Island and meets the local doctor, Jin, who has scars on his own heart. As the seasons change and rainbows come back to the island, the two find themselves growing closer and closer. Will the two take a chance on these new but familiar feelings?

  • Good Morning, Sunshine
  • Mineral Town/Tree of Tranquility. Jin x Mary. Romance/Angst

    A beginning to hopefully more beginnings.

Power Rangers

  • Once In A Lifetime
  • MMPR/VR Troopers. Billy Cranston/OC/Adam Park.

    Lady Johnson's father told her that moving to Angel Grove would change her life. The last thing she expected was becoming a superhero clad in purple tights and some Talking Head to tell her she's been destined to wield the power of the Velociraptor Zord. When she's not battling the Monster of the Week with the other losers in her class, she's battling the horrors of school work and growing up. It looks like someone brought a John Hughes script to a Zord fight.

  • make every moment come alive
  • Zeo. Rocky DeSantos/Jason Lee Scott. Slowburn Romance.

    Rocky wasn't really sure about how he felt about Jason. Things get a little more complicated after his fight against King Mondo.

  • shape my heart
  • Zeo. Adam Park/Tanya Sloan, Background Tommy Oliver/Katherine Hillard and Aisha Campbell/Rocky DeSantos

    There was always a first time for everything; first "I like yous", first kisses, first dates and first Valentine's Days. This was hopefully the first of many more to come for Adam and Tanya.

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