xX Those Lavender Eyes Xx

Authoress' Note [So, being a closeted bisexual person in denial about liking girls (and also not knowing wtf these weird gender feelings were!), I had the idea to write "stories for the boys of quizilla" starring my favourite female characters at the time. These never got past one chapter, sadly. I feel bad for lil Kazuma here. Unfortunately, I'll never do anything with him... as I'd rather just ship my "new" female character (made in 2014 lol) with her if not Naruto. Ooops. I also made up three friends that I "shared" my newer Quizilla account with. Syrus, Amy and Naomi did not exist. I'm not sure why I did that?]

Kazuma paniced as soon as he stood infront of the Ninja Academy.Otou-san and Okka-san would've wanted this,I'm gonna be a ninja!

Outside the Classroom..
OKAY I WAS WAAAY TOO CONFIDENT!!! the young boy thought panicingly.Once the Sensei walked out the door to,let him in,Kazuma's heart pounded.I'm not ready yet!What if I act stupid?!WHAT IF A CUTE GIRL IS IN THAT CLASS?!WHAT IF THERE IS A TON OF CUTE GIRLS?!AHHH!.The sensei smilied,the man looked around twenty-one,brown hair ited in a ponytail,dark eyes,and had a scar on his nose."I'm your sensei Iruka!You're the new student..Hamamori,Kazuma am I correct?" the sensei asked.

Kazuma nodded."You're nervous aren't you?" Iruka asked."Ye-yes.." the blonde stuttered."Don't worry,it won't be so awkward later.." the brunette smilied reassuringly.Kazuma nodded and walked into the classroom.

"Class,this is he new student,introduce yourself" Iruka said smiling.The tweleve year old looked around.Two girls giggled blushing.Two people caught his eye,a blonde,and a blue-haired girl in the back row.Kazuma's heart skipped a beat,he felt immediate attraction for her.Her large lavendar eyes were mindwarping to him.He felt a blush creep up from his neck."I'm Hamamori,Kazuma!and I'm an otaku that likes pie!",the class bursted out laughing at the poor boy."Erm..." Kazuma choked.The girl in the back blused,she didn't laugh at all.The preteen felt happy about that.

Kazuma was assigned next the the blonde boy,apparently his name was Uzumaki Naruto.He was a complete opposite of our main character,Naruto was very hyper and confident.Kazuma was calm and has low self-esteem."Thats Sakra-chan,my girlfriend doesn't like her at all!" Naruto smirked pointed at a pink-haired girl."You have a girlfriend?!" Kazuma whispered shocked,Naruto chuckled "Yeah the girl with glasses next to Hinata-chan!Her name's Trudeau,Jaycelynn..strange name if I say so" the confident blonde whispered back pointing at the girls in the back.Hinata..that's her name....Kazuma blushed,"Hinata-chan kinda cute..." the shy blonde whispered hoping that his new friend never heard him."Eh?You like Hinata?!She's real shy...I'm not sure why.." Naruto beamed.

Class was out,and Kazuma was walking with Naruto."You wanna get ramen later?" Naruto asked,"O-Okay!Th-that sounds good!" our hero smilied."That's the spirit!" his best friend replied.

At the ramen shop
Jaycelynn and three other people were already at the shop."Oi!Jaycelynn-chan!"Naruto shouted sittign next to her.Jaycelynn slurped up the rest of her ramen,and smiled."Naruto-chan!" the brunetee chimed."This is Kazuma-kun from class remeber?".Kazuma blushed,Jaycelynn was one of the girls laughing at him."The guy that likes pie right?Don't worry Hamamori-san!I like anime and pie!" Jaycelynn smilied."So you guys aren't with your boyfriends and girlfriend?".A blonde girl sighed "Ya..Shika-chan is being boring.." "Sasuke-kun is being emo..." a raven-haired girl said with no emotion in her voice at all.The boy with a hat started shouting "INO-CHAN DOESN'T WANT TO GO OUT WITH ME TODAY!BECAUSE SHE'S AFTER UCHIHA-SAN!"

Jaycelynn smilied."The blonde is Amy,the hat is Syrus,and the raven-haired girl is Naomi!Amy and Sy are brother and sister,even if they don't look alike.." the girl said pushing up her glasses.A blue haired girl sat down away from everybody."Hey Hinata-chan!Come sit with us!" Syrus shouthed signaling her to move over.A bowl was sat in front of Kazuma and Naruto.The blondes chirped happily slurping their ramen.

Hinata blushed nad sat beside Kazuma."He-hello..I'm Hyuga..Hi-Hinata..." the large eyed girl whispered.Kazuma blushed suddenly.

She's sitting next to me!

End of Chapter 1! (and the whole ass fic LOL)