About Me!

Jay. They/them. Nov 5 1994. Canada

As you can see, I am a dumbass from the Canadian prairies. I'm a First Nations Cree person just trying to make it out in this bitch of an earth. I've also gone by the names Twiggy, Cipher, Squall and Tomo online. I still have a fondness for Cipher and Squall admittedly but it'd be easier to simply call me "Jay"! That's what I go by IRL.

I draw and write sometimes. People seem to like what I make which is pretty neat! You can see some of my art on my deviantArt. A lot of it is just animeesque bitches standing in a void and looking tottemo kawaii but hey lmao. I take commissions once in a blue moon but I am fucking slow as shit so we don't do that very often. I discovered I liked drawing in fourth grade. I was also 100% that bitch who drew anime eyes in their notes instead of doing their school work LMAO.

I've been into telling stories and such since fourth grade as well. Were they good back then? Uh, my teacher seemed to think so lol. Inuyasha was the gateway to anime, drawing, creating OCs and telling stories for fun outside of school however. I technically got my start writing fanfiction (though, I didn't know what fanfiction was) by writing a Neopets Faerie fanfiction called "Kidnapped! A Faerie Adventure" for school. The stuff I wrote purely for myself was an Inuyasha/Sailor Moon/Rumble Roses crossover fanfiction starring my OC, Kiki, and a Final Fantasy 8/10-2 fanfiction that was basically FF8 but with Yuna as the main character. These were written on looseleaf that were taped together. I wish I still had these things somehwere but I unfortunately tore them up when my mom dug through my room, found them and read them and I got really embarrassed because I was stupid and thirteen.

I didn't really start getting into fanfiction and fandom until stumbling across Quizilla through a site called Starlight MKS (RIP...) to look for stuff for my very bad Piczo. I saw people writing stories on this quiz site and just... yeah. The stories that inspired me were "Secret Heart" by KissesOfTheDark, "The Blonde Flaming Swordsman?!" by DoggyDog13 and her other YuGiOh stories. I owe a lot to Quizilla and I'm eternally thankful that it was around for me. However, I fucking hate Viacom for ruining the site.

You can read my fanfiction on my AO3.

In 2008, I unfortunately discovered what "Mary Sue" meant and got extremely embarrassed of the stories I wrote. I got into bullying other people for daring to have fun with their original characters, stories and waifus. I met my best friend, fellow "sue slayer" Jasie, through this past time and I will be eternally thankful for that. Still, bit fuckin' cringe to be bullying other people because you're embarrassed. Around 2014, I met someone on tumblr who convinced me to pull my head out of my ass and just start having fun making OCs again because she was so unrestrained about her interests, kinks, OCs and love for her waifus. So... here we are!